We won’t reel you in with an over-inflated quote to then knock you down when you bring your car.

This means that our initial valuation may be lower than others. What we can guarantee is a fair price for a fair description, with no haggling or quibbling, and that means that at the end of the day, you know what you’re going to walk away with!

Although I am thrilled that interest in Mike Brewer Buys Your Car stretches far and wide, please be aware that we can only accept valuations on cars from the UK.

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Mike’s ‘Valuation Guarantee’

If you’ve described your vehicle as accurately as it looks in the flesh, we will pay you the exact amount that we promised you in our initial valuation. We won’t try and find fault with it to reduce the value nor will we spring on you any hidden fees to reduce this amount. The value we give you will be valid for 10 days, even if we trip over into a new month or even into a new year!
That is my ‘Valuation Guarantee’ to you.

Please be aware we are unable to buy your vehicle if it is an import, a non-runner, has ever been subject to an insurance write off or used for private hire, rental, driving tuition or as a police vehicle. View our terms and conditions.



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